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ECC company is present in the building construction market with new eco-friendly, cheaper technologies. At the base of this technology stands the Neopor material.

Neopor is composed of small black beads of polystyrene (EPS) granules containing blowing agent which makes it expandable. This unique material is processed by foam manufacturers into insulating materials for a wide range of different applications.

Neopor insulating materials offer greater insulating performance and up to 50 percent lower use of materials than conventional EPS, helping environmental conservation and saving money.

Environmentally-friendly Neopor insulating materials do not contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or other halogenated cell gases. They contain air as the cell gas, which guarantees the preservation of the thermal conductivity throughout the life of the construction. Neopor insulating materials therefore represent a modern, environmentally-aware lifestyle.


ECC Europa has 15 years of experience with this construction material throughout Europe. A lot of construction companies are working with it. The technology is meant to be worked with everywhere. We may use it for:

  • houses
  • swimming pools
  • blocks of flats
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • building industry

The main advantages of our technologies are:

  • A house of 140 square meters is built in 5 days (turnkey)
  • It is safe for earthquake:  up to 8 on the Richter scale.
  • It is cheaper than all existing building materials (10-15%)
  • Heat exchanger system – it produces energy for home heating or air conditioning needs and still remains enough energy to heat the water in the house (60-80C).
  • The temperature inside the building is evenly distributed, equaly to the ground and to the ceiling
  • It is environmentally friendly – this material is suitable for persons with allergies.