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Case report


In the pictures below you can see the diabetic foot of an 82-year-old woman, who went to hospital for an amputation. There it was decided first to try soft laser treatment, which, as can be seen, was successful. The treatment proved to be clinically successful after just a few days, so the amputation would not be necessary. The final state can be seen in the fourth picture below, which was taken after five weeks.


Here you see the process of a three-month therapy period of a 59-year-old man with ulcus cruris. The patient is a hairdresser and has to stand on the job.

A conventional treatment, which was unduccessful over several years, had preceded laser therapy. The treatment shown here was completed after six weeks.


Diabetic retinopathy with point bleeding. A woman with diabetic retinopathy who was 39 years old at the time of treatment did not exhibit any noticeable symptoms before beginning the treatment. The diabetic (type 1) was adjusted well by her family physician, further therapies were not known.

However, at an image of the ocular fundus taken by a fundus camera some point bleedings were recognizable (preventive medical checkup)

Before the beginnning of treatment with LLLT there was no other treatment of the ocular fundus. The treatment with LLLT began 14 april 2008 and ended 4 june 2008. During these almost two month 20 sessions were completed. The treatment was a full success. At an image taken after the conclusion of treatment no more point bleedings were recognizable.


Here you see OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) pictures of the eye background. On the left side the healthy left eye and on the right side the diseased right eye. The patient has an acute edema, which leads to retinal detachment and thus to blindness of the eye. Normally the retina is welded with energy laser, which leaves scars. In the first row you see the condition at the beginning, in the second row on day 30. The healthy eye remains healthy; the diseased eye improves substantially under LLLT treatment.


The first picture presents the hearing curves of a 63 year old deaf person with a hearing aid, who suffered an acute hearing loss on 1st November 2006 with deafness in his right ear.

The last diagram is taken after 5 weeks tretment extensive adjustment to the hearing capacity of the left ear. Since then continuous hearing power. Hearing capacity with hearing aid as before the hearing loss.